10 reasons why you should travel to Chalkidiki !!!

1. Chalkidiki is a beatiful peninsula which begins on the mainland near Thessaloniki and divides into three smaller peninsulas. The three sub peninsulas are called Kassandra, Sithonia and Athos. Each peninsula has its own unique and divers ladscape.
2. Depending on the peninsula, the beaches range from protected coves with calm and clear water to rocky shores.
3. The local people are as lovely as the lanscape of Chalkidiki. Hospitality professionals are refreshingly attentive, enthousiastic, genuinge and english and german are widely spoken.
4. The easiest way to get to Chalkidiki is by flying into Thessaloniki International Airport “Makedonia” and renting a car www.chalkidiki-cars.com. A rental car allows travellers not to be limited to one location and to explore Chalkidiki. The roads are in good shape and highway signs are well-marked in greek butenglish as well.
5. Accommondations can be found for all budgets. They range national forest campgrounds to luxuryresorts, from half board packages to self-catering rentals.
6. With various levels of accommondations and diverse dinning options, Chalkidiki accommondates all types of travellers. It is the perfect place to create memories whether for family vacations, romatic getaway or party trip.
7. Local dishes like dolmadakia, saganaki, trachanas and lamp fricassee are only some of the delicacies hat can be found there. Being surrounded by the sea means an abundance of fresh seafood. Chalkidiki exports also an excellent quality of olive oils, honey, wines, fruits, vegetables, fish and meat.
8. Athos has been the exclusive domain of monks and hermits from all over the world for more that 1000 years. Women are not allowed to pass the boarder between Greece and Athos which is after the town Ouranoupoli. Men or pilgrim can visit Athos with an advance permission but don’t despair you can still admire the mount Athos at a distance if you join a boad trip along the coastline (link zu Ausfluegen).
9. Chalkidiki is also home to the Petralona Cave, located in the western part of Mount Katsika. Accidentally discouvert in 1959, the cave is full of red-earth covered stalagmites and stalactited, earning it the name it’s also known by: the cave of the red Stones. The Petralona Cave is an interesting experience for all ages (link zu Asfluegen).

10. Chalkidiki is also near to Thessaloniki which is the second largest city of Greece. With several Byzantine monuments, old mansions and a vibrant food and cultural scene Thessaloniki is worth-seeing (link zu Ausfluegen).