Mount Athos

Mount Athos is a self-governed part of the Greek State, famous for its old Byzantine monasteries. Women are not allowed to enter the area, while men need special permission to go. There are frequent boats from Ouranoupolis that go around Mount Athos.

Prosforio Tower

This Byzantine tower is the symbol of Ouranoupolis. Standing at the edge of the beach, it has suffered much damage through the centuries. Right next to the tower, there is the Christian Collection of Chalkidiki.

Petralona Cave

The Cave of Petralona is located on the western side of Mount Katsika. It is rich in stalactites and stalagmites and in 1960 a human skull of 700,000 years old was discovered there. Fossils of lions, panthers, bears, deer, bats and other animals were also discovered.

Aristotle Park

In the village of Stagira, next to Ierissos, there is a park dedicated to the life and works of Aristotle, the famous ancient Greek philosopher. Created in 2004, the park hosts a series of important instruments which show the phenomena of nature.

Olynthos Ancient Site

This archaeological site was discovered in the 1930s and includes archaeological findings of Ancient Olynthos, which used to be the capital of Halkidiki for a while in the antiquity. In Olynthos village, there is an archaeological museum that hosts the findings from the excavations.

Ancient Stagira

The town of Olympiada, named after King Alexander’s mother, is mostly famous due to the historically significant ancient site of Stagira.


This lighthouse was originally built in 1864 but has been restored since then. It is built in the colonial style and is the only building along the beach of Possidi.

Stavronikita Tower

The Stavronikata Tower (also called ‘St. George-Tower’ is the landmark of the Sani area. It was constructed 1543 in order to protect the Monastery of Stavronikata.

Anthropological Museum

The Anthropological Museum of Petralona is located in close distance to the cave. It hosts a representation of the cave and houses items found inside, like tools, fossils, fire traces, and others.

Archaelogical Museum of Olynthos

The Archaeological Museum of Olynthos is located right next to the ancient site and includes findings for the excavations. There is also a room dedicated to the restoration process and life in Ancient Olynthos.