Sports in Chalkidiki

You may wonder if you can keep fit during your holiday, right?

Well, in Chalkidiki there several points which offer organized sites and facilities where you can practice your favorite hobby.

Hiking in Chalkidiki

If you are a Hiking lover, Chalkidiki would be an ideal choice. There, you will have the opportunity to discover places which you could not imagine and the natural beauty of the area, just by walking in its natural trails. Mountainous Sithonia allows tourists to walk its trails and then be on the beach in the afternoon. There are many routes of different difficulty levels you can take, so, you are able to find your favorite one. Trails are all over areas of Chalkidiki. So if you’re in Kassandra, or in Sithonia or even in Mount Athos, there is no time to waste!

Water Sports in Chalkidiki

Watersports in Chalkidiki are mostly found in popular resorts of the region like Sarti, Kallithea, Neos Marmaras, Vourvourou, Haniotis and many more.

There are Watersports Centers where you can find information for you and the whole family.

For the adrenaline lovers there is whole range of exciting water sports like parasailing, Flyboard and water skiing.

Cycling and mountain biking in Chalkidiki

Cycling and mountain biking is a fast growing and favorite sport in Chalkidiki.

Every year we see an increase of cycling tour groups enjoying the roads.

Give it a try if you are interested in cycling/mountain biking and at the same time you will be mesmerized by the beauty of the nature all over Chalkidiki.