What can i win?

In this competition, 3 lucky winners have the opportunity to win a Chalkidiki Cars coupon.
The 1st prize is a Chalkidiki Cars Gold -coupon worth € 250
The winner with the most votes.

The 2nd prize is a Chalkidiki Cars Silver -coupon worth € 100
The winner is the one with the second most votes.

The 3rd prize is a Chalkidiki Car Broze -coupon worth € 25
The winner is the one with the third most votes.

How and where can the coupon be redeemed?
You can redeem your coupon for one or more rental car reservations.
In addition, for your transfer or your trip via Drive & Cruise.
You can find all of this and more online on www.chalkidiki-cars.com.
Remember that by expanding of our delivery area you will have even more options:
-Kavala Airport and City
-Katerini and Paralia Katerini
You also have the option to redeem your coupon for our new project, which will be available
Simply visit our  website www.chalkidiki-online.com and be inspired by the

Drive and Stay, a combination of rental car and accommodation, most popular excursions,
discounts for taverns, bars etc. and the Chalkidiki-CARD, coupons and more discounts.
Let yourself be inspired.

How long and how often is the coupon valid?

The coupons are valid for 3 years from the day of booking. When reloading the credit
of course, the validity is extended accordingly.
If you do not use up the couponr completely, the remaining credit will not expire before the expiry date!

How can I participate in this competition:

1. The prerequisite for participation is registration at Chalkidiki-Online.com

2. Upload a vacation photo from Greece of your choice

3. As soon as your personal photo has been uploaded, you need to vote other photo.
(your vote is only valid once for each photo, this of course also applies to your own)

You can of course also share your picture on Facebook and ask your friends and relatives to vote for your picture. This increases your chances of winning!